Our Story

In 2015 after years of trying various fad diets and constantly failing Kerry decided enough was enough. There had to be a reason why these diets didn’t work? What was she, and everyone else doing wrong? So Kerry made it her mission to learn and to understand nutrition and the real science behind fat loss.

Fat to fit

I put what I had learned into practice and just watched as the fat just disappeared from my body. I lost nearly 8 stone and had no loose skin because I had done it the right way and hadn’t starved myself. Alongside strength training I realised I could eat delicious food and plenty of it. My confidence grew so much. I felt like a new person.

I fell so in love with fitness and nutrition that I got a level 3 personal trainer qualification and did a level 3 course in nutrition, diabetes and obesity control. Personal training became my passion but what really frustrated me was clients working so hard with me but failing with their nutrition at home. So after years of people saying “I wish you could cook for me” I decided to listen to them and make it happen.

So I set up Fit N fresh so I could educate others and help you along your journey.


snacks + TREATS

Choose from our delicious range of protein snacks.


Carefully selected plans to balance calories and carb intake.


Meals to build up the intake of carbs and protein, helping build muscle.


Selected protein plans to eliminate carbs and build protein.

We make our protein bars in-house, ourselves and craft them, high in protein and low in carbs, sugars and fats.


Our meal packages start from just £33. We have various plans or you can talk to us and we can tailor a plan that’s just right for you!


Simply place your order and a delivery slot will be allocated.

Or COLLECT your meals for FREE.