Protein bars

Have you tried our protein bars?


This delicious protein packed chocolate coated bar is the ultimate guilt free treat at only 127 Cal with 20g protein.


Perfect for a post or pre workout pick me up.

The Fit N Fresh bar is perfect for anytime of the day.


Please let us know of any allergies.

Cutoff for orders is Thursday at 6pm.


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Macros & Allergies


Chocolate and peanut, Double chocolate, orange chocolate and mint chocolate bars

Kcal 127

Protein 20G

Carbohydrates 5G

Fat 3G


White chocolate bars

Kcal 135

Protein 20g

Carbs 5g

Fats 3g


Milk chocolate bounty bars

Kcal 255

Protein 16g

Carbs 12g

Fats 16g


Dark Vegan bounty bars

Kcal 237

Protein 16g

Carbs 12g

Fats 14g


Biscoff Protein Bars

Kcal 157

Protein 20g

Carbs 8g

Fat 6g


Contains nuts