We’re Fit N Fresh UK, a protein bar brand founded by Kerry Reardon and Leanne Griffin in 2021. We’re on a mission to create the BEST tasting protein bar on the planet. Our main focuses are to keep the protein high and calories low without compromising on taste.

Started in Kerry’s kitchen when one her PT clients asked her if she could make a protein bar. Kerry already had some knowledge of high protein snacks through her own fat loss journey where she lost 8 stone on a high protein diet.

We got to work straight away, trialling out different protein bars until eventually we found our WINNING formula.

Now we have 5 delicious OG flavours and each tri mester we bring out a special edition flavour.

With Kerry and Leanne’s shared passion for health and fitness, we wanted to create a product that helped people to snack better.

Although everyone is on their own journey of health, no matter what stage you are at, whether it be your a gym goer, your a mum/dad, office worker, our protein bars are there to help you hit your macro goals whilst feeling like your having a tasty treat.